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Would You Work For Capcom Questions (RE)

Okay, I don’t know if any of you other fan ever asked these questions, but, I think it would be good food for thought. So, I was talking to my brother about Resident Evil and how it seem that saga is more action then horror and to tell you the truth a part of my died a bit inside. I loved RE4 because it had the perfect mix of both. The fact that they turned away from that is very sad. I mean if something isn’t broken don’t fix it. Not to mention that they missed out on good twists to make the story more interesting is sad too.

But, I’m not here to rant, I’m here ask questions. So, while talking to my brother he said that ‘If you want something done right do it yourself’, that first I thought that was mean. But, after thinking about it for a few days to a few months, I realized he is right sometime you need to take matters into own hands. So, I started of questions, that I would make good discussion. So, comment your answers to the question, read other fans comments and/or answer other fans comments and talk about ideas. Have fun everyone and feel free to talk.


If you were to work for Capcom what kind of games would you make?

If you worked your way up to one of the high positions in Capcom would you reboot the Resident Evil Saga?

If you did reboot Resident Evil what would you change or add?

Would you listen to fans?

If you are working with other fans in Capcom would you make a team to work on Resident Evil saga or other games you like?

If you were part of the Reboot Resident Evil Saga what part the team would you be?

How would you bring survival horror back to Resident Evil?

Would you change any of the characters or add anything to them?
Unknown RE Villain? by Alice-WhiteRabbit
Unknown RE Villain?

The picture in light blue is I think a snap shot of the villain from behind her head.

Alexia, Annette, Lisa and Veronica are the females I know to be blonde.

I support Alexia, Veronica and Lisa --------> resident evil revelations 2 (READ!)

The screenshots are from random sites.

Resident Evil (c) Capcom


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So, as most of you I'm a Resident Evil. Big time fan and after hearing about a game, which, I'm hoping reminder of the older game.

After hearing the villain is women it is thought that maybe a new villain or an old  female villain, but, after hearing all the references and seeing a small glance of the blond hair something clicked. I than checked out the rumors and looking at the all the females with blond hair all or most of which are dead. Then again Capcom is known for to bring characters back life.

The one who's game fit most the referenced is Code Veronica. The reason I say this is all the references and that most of characters in that picture room in Code Veronica where you I think you got one of the ant keys. Sorry it has been while I played the game, but, I do watch play through and walkthrough.

-Claire quotes Steve in the demo.
-The story takes place on a prison island likes games and experiments.
-One of the song sounds like Alexia's theme.
-Claire looks shocked to see someone at some point in trailers most likely someone she knows.
-The original name for revelations 2 is Enhanced Veronica.
(there are more if you look for them.)
I agree with you, that's a lot of Easter eggs. To put that many in one game that is so similar to another without it leading to anything is like saying 'F*** you' to the fans of Code Veronica, which will piss off the fans of that game. I don't mean to be too hopeful, but, this is too much.
Also, in the past if you look at Leon, most of the games (or all of them) Ada has always been there in some shape or form. Leon is also the partner of Claire in RE2, so, can see Claire (like Leon) having a love/enemy/ally of her own in the games.
Not to mention the fact that Aba didn't appear until RE4, which, is same game after RE2 to feature Leon as the main character. So, seeing as Claire has taken a back seat ever since RE:CV not to mention she doesn't look her age. Not only that, but, Barry's seems to be following the same thing Chris in RE:CV did after finding out his loved one is in danger. The only difference is Barry didn't loose his stuff, also, this makes it hard to notice the others things. People are so happy about Barry that everything else takes a back seat.
So, the Easter egg thing doesn't make any sense, yes, I can understand 3 Easter eggs but 7or8 that's a much. I mean I spotted only 1or2 Easter eggs from RE2 and that is understandable. But 7or8. Someone would have to b** slap me if that leads to nothing. And besides you don't need 9or10 Easter eggs in one game. Also, Revelations 2 was not intended to be a revelations game, according to Capcom the game's name changed a lot while they were making it. It was only at the end when they called 'Revelations 2', so, it wasn't and most likely still isn't related to the first Revelations.
Trust me, I've read forums, chats, news articles, rumors, the wiki, I've listened to videos of others thoughts, looked for Easter eggs in trailers, and looks at leaked images.
The only other villain that also fits is Lisa from RE:Remake. Lisa is also believed to be dead, so, yet I've done my homework. But, even that is not enough to go on seeing as only two females come up Alexia, someone related to the Ashford's or Lisa.

And even if it is Lisa and if she did her homework on Claire, what would be one of Claire's fears? Seeing a friend twisted into someone they are not.
If Capcom is playing with our heads I am going to be pissed. Look for these references and comment what you think.

Links and Videos (Videos don't belong to my):

Villain identity theories (VIDEOS DO NOT BELONG TO ME) :

Which Attach on Titan military branch would Derpy Hooves (A.K.A. Ditzy Doo) be in? 

1 deviant said Survey Corps (A.K.A. Scouting Legion, Scout Regiment or Recon Corps)…
No deviants said Garrison (A.K.A. The Stationary Guard)…
No deviants said Military Police Brigade (A.K.A. MPs)…



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